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What is Hyperglycemia?

Natural Blood Sugar Supplements. Hyperglycemia is the increased glucose level or sugar in our blood. The food we ate are broken down into glucose which are carried into our blood to all the cells in our body and are converted into energy with the help of insulin hormone produced by our pancreas. Insulin helps move glucose into the cells. natural blood sugar supplementsThe body at times stop producing insulin as in the case for type 1 diabetes or the insulin produced does not work properly as in the case of type 2 diabetes. When glucose stay in the blood and is not carried into the cells of the body, this result in development of high blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled high sugar level may lead to dehydration and more serious complications may develop.

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus causes high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia maybe caused by too much intake of carbohydrates which the body of a diabetic person is unable to convert into energy fast enough and so resulting to high blood sugar levels.

Another cause of hyperglycemia is when insulin production is not controlled either thru injection or taking medicines for insulin production. Diabetic people has to balance diet, medication and physical activity to prevent increased blood sugar levels.

Other possible causes of hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels are stress, no exercise or minimal exercise, illness, surgery or infections and certain drugs like steroids can also affect blood sugar levels..

Common symptoms of hyperglycemia includes dry mouth, thirst, frequent urination and night urination, dry and itchy skin, blurry vision, weight loss, increased appetite and fatigue or drowsiness.

If hyperglycemia persists for hours and dehydration results, other symptoms include difficulty in breathing, rapid weight loss, dizziness when standing, increased confusion and drowsiness  and even unconsciousness or coma.

Home remedies or self-care

Home remedies or self-care for hyperglycemia or high blood sugar is regular check of blood glucose meter if it is higher than normal. Regular meals and scheduled medication should be observed. Sugar-free and caffeine-free liquids must only be taken. In addition, check your urine for ketones and take blood sugar readings until it is back to normal.

natural blood sugar supplementsWays to lower blood sugar level includes regular exercise, dietary regime solely for diabetics should be followed, and Natural Blood Sugar Supplements recommended by your doctor.

When hyperglycemia persists for more than three days or when ketones appear in your urine, you should immediately call your doctor to prevent complications.

Diabetics should follow their recommended dietary regimes, check their blood sugar regularly, do the recommended exercise daily and take the medicines as prescribed. A planned daily activities with a planned diet and Natural Blood Sugar Supplements will balance and manage blood sugar levels.


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