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The Facts of Low Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar Control. Also known as hypoglycemia, low blood sugar may be a dangerous condition. Diabetics are prone to this condition especially those who takes medicine for increased insulin in the body. Too much of this medicines,  eating less than normal, skipping meals, or too much exercise can lead to low blood sugar for diabetics.

Glucose or blood sugar is the main source of energy for the body which comes from the food we eat. The body’s main source of glucose is carbohydrablood-sugar-controltes such as potatoes, bread, cereal, rice, vegetable and milk. This glucose is absorbed into your bloodstream and to your cells wherein tit is converted to energy with the help of insulin hormone produced by the pancreas. Excess glucose are stored in your liver and muscles or are converted into fat and used for energy when needed. Your body needs glucose for it to function normally. A drop of your glucose level needs immediate treatment to prevent more serious development of symptoms.

Symptoms of low blood sugar includes blurry vision, sudden nervousness and mood swings, unexplained fatigue, headache, pale skin, shaking, hunger, dizziness, skin tingling, difficulty in sleeping,  loss of consciousness, seizure, coma, sweating, and trouble concentrating. Hypoglycemic persons may not notice that their blood sugar has dropped. Very low blood sugar is a medical emergency and needs immediate medical treatment to prevent eventual seizure, faintness or even coma.

blood-sugar-controlCauses of low blood sugar include diabetes. Diabetes uses insulin to manage their blood sugar levels. And takes medicines that increase insulin and treatments to help the body use the glucose in the blood. Too much of these medicines may result in dropping of blood sugar at a very low level. Skipping meals, eating later than usual and eating less than normal but taking medicine at the normal time can also result to low blood sugar levels. In addition, drinking alcohol, excess and unplanned physical exercise also causes the drop of blood sugar.

Other causes of blow blood sugar include quinine medicine, hepatitis or kidney disorders, endocrine disorders and tumor which produces excess insulin.

Snacks made of carbohydrates like granola bars, fresh or dried fruits, cookies and pretzels should be on hand for in case your blood sugar levels are too low. Glucose tablets or glucagon are also available that could raise blood sugar at a faster rate.

It is best to regularly check your blood sugar control to prevent episodes. Bring with you at all times carbohydrate-rich snacks in case of emergencies outside your home. Be sure to eat your meal before doing your exercise because it uses up energy and may cause blood sugar to drop. And finally, follow your doctor’s advice on how to manage your blood sugar and check with him often to maintain your health and avoid unwarranted emergencies and complications.

The Facts of Low Blood Sugar


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