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Benefits of a 24 Hour Blood Sugar Monitor

There are many reasons to have a 24 hour blood sugar monitor. No matter what type of life style you have, living with diabetes is tough. However using a 24 hour blood sugar monitor can make this hardship significantly easier.

For example, let’s say you are a college student. You’re a bit stress out about the exam you are taking and your feeling a bit sick. You’re not sure if your blood sugar is out of whack or you are just feeling a bit stressed. Instead of having to prick your finger in a middle of an exam you could just look at your monitor. As you can see, there are many benefits to having a 24 hour blood sugar monitor.

Benefits of a 24 Hour Blood Sugar Monitor

First off, they are more accurate than a fingerstick. In fact 60% of glucose lows may not be revealed by a fingerstick.Blood-Glucose-Monitor

Secondly, they have an alarm feature that will go off if your blood sugar goes too low or high. So if your parent with a diabetic child, or have diabetes yourself, you can sleep soundly knowing you will hear this alarm if there is any problems. Plus, this means no more midnight finger pricking.

Third, these twenty four hour blood monitor are very discrete. Therefore, if you rather not have the entire world know you have diabetes a blood sugar monitor might be a useful investment.

They also can fit snugly on your belt. This is especially useful if you live a busy life. You can just walk around with a monitor attached to your belt instead of having to always remember were you put your blood testing equipment.

Fifth, this is just more convenient. As stated earlier, if you are taking an exam you rather focus on your exam than having to prick your finger. In fact, with the alarm feature you didn’t even have to look at your blood sugar monitor. That was just you being paranoid.

However, the last and most important reason is safety. Let’s say you pass out from low blood sugar. Normally bystanders would waste time trying to figure out what is wrong with you. Now they can just take a quick look at your beeping monitor. People will not only know why you passed out but how severe the situation is.

Therefore, there are many reasons to have a 24 hour blood sugar monitor. They are discrete, fit on your belt, accurate, and convenient. Plus, the alarm function will make living with diabetes safer. So if have diabetes, you might want to strongly consider getting a blood sugar monitor.

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