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Normal Blood Sugar Range

Having high blood sugar levels can be extremely dangerous to your health, especially if you are diabetic. It is a good idea to have your blood sugar levels tested any time you begin to have vision problems, dizziness, or experience swelling. If you are diabetic, then you should test your sugar levels throughout the day.

The normal blood sugar range will depend on whether you are looking at fasting levels or after eating. If you are fasting, then you should have a level between Normal Blood Sugar Range83 and 85mg/dL. However, if you have eaten, you want the normal range blood sugar levels to rise temporarily, but never above 140 mg/DL.

Diabetes is the main cause for blood sugar levels to get too high. However, it is possible to suffer from high blood sugar and only be in pre-diabetic state. The sugar levels rise because the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to metabolize the glucose, turning it into energy.

It is possible to look at blood sugar control in a natural method, which will help you maintain the levels long term. The best method is with diet and exercise. Whole fiber, especially oatmeal, and dark leafy greens are both great ways to lower blood sugar levels. You will want to avoid fruits high in juice and other sweet desserts. Then, make sure you exercise in some fashion daily. It does not have to be high impact, as walking, yoga, and swimming are very beneficial forms of exercise in lowering blood sugar.

Finally, there are herbal supplements that have been shown to lower the sugar levels in one’s body. Bitter melon and Fenugreek have been successful over time, but adding Cinnamon is a more successful natural treatment. You are going to find that if you are battling with your sugar levels, that changing your diet and helping your body burn more energy are going to be the methods with the greatest impact.

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