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Why Do I Overeat?

Ever wondered why do we overeat? With obesity becoming a major problem, it is time to take notice of why we tend to become fat. If you are wondering as to why do I overeat, it all boils down to some basic principles on how our body mechanism works.

Why do we overeat?

As you know, our body requires food to be able to carry out the different body processes that help us to live normally. However, why is it that we can keep on eating more than we need?

A simple answer to that would be the fact that our body has the ability to store the extra food as fat, which it can then utilize in why-do-overeattimes of needs, when food is scarce. And we do not always have a situation where we aren’t able to eat for days, when the body can actually use up the excess fat and burn calories. So, in the end, we end up being fat, and this is a reason of why do people overeat.

How does packaged food contribute to the cause?

The more important problem is that often, food that we take initiates hunger within us. Packaged foods for instance, are made such that we yearn for them without ever being satiated. The methods employed are the following.


This is called hankering like with chips. It is impossible to stop after just one. The reason is that the chip has salt on the outside and this, when tasted by the tongue, sends out pleasure signals to the brain which signals back to continue eating. The excess fat present, as well as potato starch which gets converted to sugar, also increases the pleasure factor. Sometimes the brain gets tired of one flavor, and so it signals that it is satiated. This normally would make the user stop eating chips but due to the variety of flavors offered, this never happens.

Low-Calorie Density

Foods that melt in the mouth like cotton candy, do not allow the stomach to give out signals that the calorie content has been reached. As the stomach does not realize how much has been consumed.

Contrasting Foods

The brain loves the novelty of different textures like crunchy shells filled with cream and, therefore, it sends out signals to continue eating.

What should you do?

why-do-people-overeatNow that we are more aware, we can fight junk food better. We can do it by not buying such food. It’s a great idea to only buy whole foods that can be digested better with a worry.

Also, to create contrasts, one can try options like carrots and hummus or yogurt with berries. Ensure that you’re eating only because you’ve physical hunger and not because you’re bored – eating because you’re bored will definitely lead to you fattening up.

Physical hunger signs like a growling stomach or when we feel light headed are signs that you’re really hungry.



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