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What Does High Blood Sugar Feel Like?

When your blood sugar levels goes to high there can be many reasons for this. You may find that not following a strictly controlled diet or by missing taking your medication will cause an increase in levels. People may ask what does high blood sugar feel like?

The variety of symptoms are vast and it is recommended that you become familiar with them and keep an eye out for any change.

You may feel more hungry than usual as you are retaining high levels of glucose. Increased thirst and feeling extra thirsty are common symptoms. You will urinate more often due to the increase of high blood sugar levels.


You will feel more tired than normal if your sugar levels are high, getting extra sleep will not seem to help with this. The cells in your body will not repair as efficiently which leads to the tiredness. Weight loss is common as your will be producing more glucose which will be lost in your urine.


The vision can become blurred due to glucose and water infiltrating the lens in the eyeball. Being moody is another symptom that the high blood sugar level can cause.

A change in the balance of the electrolytes in your blood may cause muscular cramping. You may find it difficult to concentrate on anything and not be able to carry out your work as well.

Re current infections, particularly bladder infections and yeast infections can occur. Changes in the nerves may cause your hands and feet to tingle.

Any wounds or open lesions that you may get could potentially take longer to heal and need careful monitoring. Dryness of the mouth and skin along with itching of the skin can occur. Any of the symptoms above need evaluation by a doctor and given the appropriate treatment or medication.


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