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The Effect of Blood Sugar in the Body

What is Blood Sugar?

Programs for blood sugar support are extremely important for controlling the symptoms of diabetes. But in orderblood sugar support to be able to understand the effects of blood sugar in the body, let’s first discuss what blood sugar is.

Blood sugar is properly known as blood glucose. Blood glucose level is the amount of glucose that is present in the bloodstream. Glucose is needed by the cells of our body since it acts as a fuel that is needed for cells to function properly. It is obtained from the different foods we eat – especially carbohydrates. Sugar taken into the body is converted into glucose with the help of the hormone, insulin that is secreted by the pancreas.

What are the Normal Levels of Blood Glucose?

Sometimes, it’s hard to prevent our blood sugar from becoming for rising too high or fluctuating too low. But it’s also important to note that in order for our body to carry out its normal functions, we need to maintain the normal levels of our blood glucose.

So, what is the normal range?

It’s important to know that blood sugar levels may vary throughout the day. Typically, it depends on your activities.  For instance, in the periods of fasting, the blood sugar levels may come down to less than 100 mg/dL. However, 2 hours after eating, the glucose levels may rise up to 140 mg/dL.

For people without diabetes, the normal levels for them would be 40 mg/dL and for some 90 mg/dL is still considered normal. If the blood sugar falls below these numbers, it’s already considered a low level.

How can the Blood Sugar Affect the Body?

blood-sugar-supportA lot can happen in if the blood glucose goes beyond the normal range. Usually, when the body senses a fall in the blood glucose level, it may send signals to the brain indicating that the body needs to eat, hence, the hunger that a person feels.

Moreover, if the blood glucose level rises to high, it may cause diseases to the body. Hyperglycemia is a condition where the body’s glucose levels rises too high above the normal range. Overtime, untreated hyperglycemia may cause damage in the retina, kidney, and arteries.

Hypoglycemia, on the other hand, is a condition when the body’s blood sugar falls too low below the normal range. The condition may manifest weakness, shaking, and in worse cases, brain damage.

This is one of the main reasons why blood sugar support is important. It helps regulate the body’s blood sugar in the body to ensure that no damage will be done.

One product that can help in regulating your glucose levels is the Lally Naturals Blood Sugar Support Supplements. Just by taking it regularly, you will be one step ahead in leading a greater and healthier life.


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