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Blood Sugar Regulation

Blood sugar regulation is the process by which blood sugar is maintained by the body.

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Is it Blood Sugar?

I am amazed how many times blood sugar dys-regulation, the inability for our bodies to properly regulate our blood sugar levels, is one of the most significant factors or drivers in the patients we see! If we got together with a group of friends, we would likely find three or four reactive hypoglycemics, five with insulin resistance, two pre-diabetics and a few with diabetes. While the particulars of these diagnosis are not important for this discussion, what is important is people with blood sugar issues are literally everywhere!

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Swiss Chard the Blood Sugar Regulation

The reason Swiss Chard is so colorful is because it is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods on the planet. Swiss Chard is an excellent source of blood-sugarnutrition that includes a lot of vitamins and minerals.
It contains syringic acid which help to regulate blood sugar levels. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you should drink the juice of Swiss Chard.

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Natural Herbal Support

When it comes to natural remedies to promote healthy blood sugar, each of cinnamon and blueberry leaf are irrevocably linked as go-to herbal support.  As natural supplements, the connection between cinnamon and blood sugar as well as blueberry and blood sugar is not scientifically proven. Yet, thousands of people consume them daily to maintain health blood sugar already in the normal range successfully each year with tasty results.


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Blood Sugar Regulation

Stress and trauma send our bodies out of regulation.  When under these conditions our bodies will react in certain ways including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, migraines, seizures, addictions, and other neurological problems. All people respond in different ways based on their genetics and surroundings.   One of the main reasons for these common conditions is unregulated blood sugar levels.

When you know you are under stress, be aware of sugar and carbohydrate cravings, sugar intake, and carbohydrate intake because eating these foods will only make the stress worse.  Concentrating on increasing proteins and fats, adding B vitamins and decreasing high glycemic foods and sugars can help stabilize adrenals and hormone regulation.


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