Benefits of Whole Grains - Lowering Blood SugarLowering Blood Sugar

Benefits of Whole Grains

While many people think whole grain bread has many health benefits researchers have found information that this bread is actually harmful. Whole grains may increase a person’s risk for developing type 2 diabetes, and put a person at an increased risk for heart disease and a stroke.

benefits-of-whole-grainsThese grains are not able to keep a person feeling full for too long.

While many packages say that they contain whole grains they may also contain refined flour and added sugar. They are not the best choice for good health.

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by the food manufactures. Before making a purchase be sure to read the list on ingredients’ on the package. If they contain the following ingredients it is in your best interest not to purchase it:

  • Enriched wheat flour
  • Wheat
  • Durhum wheat
  • Semolina
  • Oat flour
  • Rice

Below are some health ingredients to look for:whole-grains

  • Whole or rolled oats
  • Stone ground whole wheat
  • Bulgar
  • Whole grain brown rice
  • Whole grain corn
  • Quinoa

These products are more likely to contain whole grains.

To be 100% positive that the product contains while grain check for the 100% whole grain stamp. This means the product was made with whole grains.


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