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When to Check Blood Sugar

If you are wondering when should you test your blood sugar then you are in the right place!

A glucometer helps in measuring blood sugar for people who are living with diabetes. The important thing is to know when to measure blood sugar. A Continuous Glucose Meter also helps in measuring blood sugar. It does so every few minutes and it’s a type of sensor.

You may think about when to check your blood sugar! And whether it’s for those who suffer from diabetes only.

Let’s find out today.

Why Checking Blood Sugar Is Important

It’s vital that you know why it’s important to check your blood sugar. Not checking the blood sugar means, it can vary and thus may lead to complications of the heart, kidney, and even problems in the vision.

It doesn’t matter whether someone suffers from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, checking the blood sugar level is important. It can help in keeping your health in check.

when to check your blood sugar

Lack of insulin, too many carbohydrates, certain medications, and a lot more can lead to rising in sugar levels. While too much insulin, too much physical activity, and other factors can also contribute to lower blood sugar levels.

The goal of checking the blood sugar levels is to keep the sugar levels in the blood in balance.

Constantly checking the blood sugar level may sound like a hassle but it’s important for the health of those who are suffering from diabetes. It’s also vital to be aware of your lifestyle and be mindful of your health.

When to Check Blood Sugar Level?

It’s vital to understand when it’s best to measure blood sugar levels. When you are aware of your blood sugar levels, it would give you a better understanding of how food affects your health.

Consider the following:

It’s best to measure the blood sugar level after taking the insulin. But it depends on whether the person needs to take the insulin or not. So, the best source of information and guidance here is the doctor.

Those with Type 1 diabetes would need to check before their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They would also need to check two to three hours after their meals!

For those with Type 2 diabetes, it would depend on the condition and how well they are maintaining their health. So, the doctor would give the best information. But, it’s possible to check first thing in the morning before eating breakfast, two hours after they have a meal, and before bedtime also! It can be up to four times a day.

Each individual is unique so it’s vital that you understand what works for you and what doesn’t. A healthy and active lifestyle would always help. Eating a well-balanced diet is always ideal. Always consult your doctor when it comes to diabetes!

when to measure blood sugar

How to Measure Blood Sugar Level?

Now that you have some idea about the significance of measuring the blood sugar level, it’s vital that you also know how to measure it correctly.

Consider the following:

A blood sugar monitor can help in measuring the sugar level in the blood. You may know this device by the name of a glucometer. People using this device would need to prick their finger and test the sugar level in the small amount of blood.

It’s also possible to use a continuous glucose monitor that senses information from the fluids that are between your cells. It goes under the skin, but it’s worn on the belly or arm. It monitors and tells about the blood sugar, but it’s usually a prescription device.

The data would be on your smartphone or any smart device. You can share the data with your healthcare provider. The purpose of using such modern means of technology is to keep a close watch on your overall health. After all, your health matters a lot for everyone around you and also for yourself.

Friends and family members can help in measuring blood sugar levels. It’s also possible to do it yourself. You can ask your doctor to guide you more! It’s always best to let your doctor guide you.

When using any device for the first time, you can definitely ask someone to help you. Once you are used to it, it would be easier!

You can also follow the instructions that come with the device. It’s best to know how to use it and make the most of it. All such modern means of technology are here to make your life better and help you live a better and longer life. Your health matter to the world and to everyone who is around you.

Consult Your Doctor

Despite tons of information available online and video tutorials, it’s best to talk to your doctor or Endocrinologist about your health. Your best source of information is your doctor. Your doctor can suggest the medicine and would tell you what works best for your health! With an active lifestyle and managing your health based on the plan of your doctor, it would be easy to know more about your blood sugar levels.

when to test your blood sugar

Living with diabetes may sound hard, but there are many people around the world who are managing their lifestyles. Start by controlling your weight and make a plan with your doctor that works in your favor. Your doctor knows what’s best for your overall health so bear that in mind.

The good thing is that if Type 2 diabetes is well maintained then people would not need to check blood sugar levels that often, but when it’s still there so keeping an eye would be important.

Wrapping It Up

Knowing and understanding your blood sugar levels is essential for your well-being. When you know what affects your health, it would be easy for you to manage. A healthy lifestyle can help, but you need to discuss your health and overall situation with the doctor.

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