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Best Glucose Monitors and Meters

Did you know that you can test your blood sugars in the comfort of your home if you have diabetes? There are testing kits referred to as glucose monitor meters that are recommended for testing sugars at home. Technically, these are monitoring kits that help you follow up and determine the factors that affect your blood sugars. If the blood sugars go high or low, these kits will help you quickly determine what is causing it.

When to use the glucose monitors;

After a workout, you can use the monitor if you fall sick and when you are stressed or undergoing something that affects your diabetic level.

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How often should you use the glucose monitors?

This can be determined by the type of diabetes you have, the medications you use, or your daily meal plan. Depending on these factors, your doctor will advise you on the right time and number of times you need to take the test. Still, the type of CGM system you use will determine the number of times to test.

What to consider before buying the glucose monitors and meters

It should have a high accuracy

It is good to choose a glucose monitor and meter kit with a high accuracy level. Considering this is a kit you use at home and not with a doctor around, the higher the level of accuracy it has, the better since you will be able to get good results to determine your sugar levels.

Are the monitor and meters insured?

There are different types of glucose monitors and meters on the market, and medical insurance companies usually have a preference when choosing the kits to ensure. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to acquire this kit, consult with your insurance company on the insured kits under your cover.


Accuracy goes hand in hand with consistency when choosing a glucose monitor and meters kit. Ensure the kit that you choose is consistent when giving your health results.

Ease of use

A kit with easy-to-use features such as beeping alarms when results are ready, or other notification features is a good option.


The last thing you need is to spend a lot of money investing in a glucose monitor and meter kit that doesn’t last you long. So, checkout for durability, and if possible, choose a kit that comes with a warranty.

Portable kit

A kit you can carry to use from different areas is convenient and a great choice. Hence, consider getting a movable model.

The Top Best Glucose Monitor and Meters Review

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  1. Care Touch Glucose Monitor System

This glucose monitoring system is designed for beginners since it is easy to use and has all parts like the meter, 100 lancets, test strips, and a lancing device. It is super quick since it gives results within 5 minutes, and you can do the test yourself since removing the finger strips is easy. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and is compact, so you can carry it to use from anywhere.

·      It is ideal for beginners
·      It is portable
·      An affordable system
·      Gives quick results
· A lot of customers complain the strips are small and hard to handle
  1. Freestyle Libre

Although this glucose monitor and meters kit was launched in 2017, it has gained massive sales in the USA due to its ease and comfortable use. This is actually the glucose monitor that I use, with a high level of satisfaction.

The FreeStyle Libra does not use blood to monitor blood sugar levels but uses interstitial fluids. It is easy to use as you are supposed to wear a sensor on your arms and then wave the monitor above the sensor so it can read your blood glucose levels. However, it is recommended that you change the monitor every 14 days. Also, note that this glucose system monitor comes in two types that may give varying result modes.

A quick side note: My insurance carrier no longer pays for this unit because I am no longer on insulin or any types of medication. The manufacturer does have a voucher program that pays for 50% of the sensor costs. Ask your physician or endocrinologist for details.

· Easy and comfortable to use since it does not have finger pricks
· Installation is a breeze and causes no discomfort
· It can be used many times a day
· Does not have consistency all the time
· The sensors may not work if bumped or damaged
· The sensor may cause skin irritation
· Takes one hour to start measuring results
  1. Dexcom G6

This is the most accurate sensor system used for glucose monitoring and testing at home. I have a few friends using this system and they seem sell-satisfied.

It is easy to use since you integrate it with your smart devices to give quick results. The Dexcom G6 gives quick results in 5 minutes, depending on the app you download on the device. It works like the Freestyle Libre; only the Dexcom sensor is worn at the abdomen. Also, note that you can use this system with other diabetes testing kits like the insulin pump.

· Gives consistent and accurate results
· Quick readings within 5 minutes
· Compatible with an insulin pump
· Sensor requires constant changing every 10 days
  1. Eversense

This is a more advanced glucose monitor system that needs a doctor’s help since the sensory is supposed to be implanted under the skin for accurate testing.

A few people I know are excited about this particular monitor, although it’s too early for a personal endorsement.

The system measures the interstitial fluids on the upper part of the arm, and you can wear it for up to 90 days. It is compatible with smart devices such that immediately after your implant, it will send your body glucose results to the app within 5 minutes. It has notification features whereby it vibrates when the glucose level alters.

· The sensor lasts for 90 days before changing
· Gives quick reading
· Has low vibration mode for privacy
· It can only be applied and changed by a doctor
· Can give false alarms when exposed to sunlight
  1. Guardian Connect system
· Works with both iOS and Android devices
· Gives results every 5 minutes
· The sensor needs constant changing
· Not recommendable for 14 years olds
  1. Rite Aid TrueMetrix Meter

If you are looking for an easy-to-use CGM system, this model is an excellent option. It has four alarm setting options and gives quick readings within 4 seconds of connecting to your body. It has ample storage space, which allows you to keep up to 500 glucose level results. You don’t need a prescription to use this CGM, which is available at different outlets. But, note that the package does not have the finger strips or lance; hence, you have to buy them separately.

· It is easy to sue
· Quite affordable
· Four programmable alarm settings
· Require a constant daily testing
· Does not come with all testing accessories


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The review has two types of glucose monitor and test devices, whereby some require blood or under skin implantation, and others require connecting to the body for testing. So, if you need less pain or a system that does not require you to draw blood from your body, consider buying Freestyle Libre or Guardian connect. It is good to check with your insurance company first to see if they cover the use of your preferred CGM system and consider your budget, too, so you don’t end up draining your savings.

Buy from a reputable online outlet to avoid buying a counterfeit system that will not serve you right and for long. You can also consult with your doctor regarding the right glucose monitor and test system for your type of diabetes.

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