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How is Blood Glucose Regulated?

Glucose plays an important role for the proper functioning of the body. In order for glucose to be utilized, it has to Blood Glucose Controlbe converted into energy which the body needs. Insulin is a hormone that is released by pancreas that allows the body to convert sugar into a usable form of energy.

The sugar that comes inside our bodies is from the food that we consume. A normal human being is able to regulate his/her blood sugar without any problems. However, for some, when the sugar intake becomes too much, their bodies may not be able to keep up. It is important that the body should be able to keep the sugar levels in the blood at normal range to ensure that the body would still be able to maintain its regular internal functions.

Our body’s sugar levels need to be checked regularly. If the levels become too high, it could lead to the damage of blood vessels in your body. Moreover, an abnormally high blood glucose level could lead to the development of type 2 diabetes in which the body becomes unable to convert the sugar into energy. This is why a proper blood glucose control routine is important for people who have a higher risk of developing diabetes.

Insulin and Glucagon in Blood Glucose Control

As our we continue to take in foods that are rich in sugar (i.e. carbohydrates), the enzymes in our body starts breaking it down into smaller pieces and in the process of breaking it down, glucose is released as well. The cells in our body, however, is unable to directly take in the glucose which is why insulin is needed for it to be converted into energy in which the cells may be able to utilize. So it goes without saying that insulin plays a very important role in keeping the cells in our body alive.

The release of insulin by the pancreas triggers the cells to take up the converted glucose. Consequently, as the cells absorb the converted glucose, the blood glucose levels in the blood gradually decreases as well thereby helping the sugar levels return to the normal range.

During long periods of starvation, another hormone takes effect and helps in the blood glucose control of the body. In response to lesser glucose levels in the body, the pancreas releases the hormone, glucagon. Glucagon works Blood-Glucose-Controlto stimulate the liver to release the glucose stored within its cells to keep up with the low blood glucose levels.

Keeping Blood Glucose Levels at Bay

Perhaps the most effective way of controlling your blood glucose levels is to make some lifestyle changes. Cutting off or eating less carbs can help in lowering the levels of blood glucose. Adding a few minutes of exercise everyday could also help in regulating blood sugar levels.

Supplements that work to aid blood glucose control are also available in the market. Lally Naturals Blood Glucose Supplements are known to be helpful in getting blood sugar levels to normal ranges. It contains a unique mix of herbs and nutrients including cayenne, banaba leaf, and cinnamon that are known to have some effect in lowering glucose in the blood.

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