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Diabetic Smoothies

Although having diabetes does not require you to forgo all of your favorite foods, you still need to make healthier eating selections. Consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables is a healthy option because they are high in nutrition but low in calories.

Different fruits and vegetables are better than others at helping you control your diabetes. Look for products with a low glycemic index and load, which means they will not cause a blood sugar surge.

To strengthen your bones and supply healthy gut bacteria, it is crucial to consume a lot of dairy products high in calcium and probiotics. Low-fat milk, kefir, and Greek yogurt are all excellent sources.

Despite the fact that you do not need to consume these meals with a fork or even a spoon, they remain an integral part of any diabetes diet. One smoothie can include a lot of nourishment while still being a tasty pleasure. You can regularly eat these sweets as long as you stick to healthy foods and do not add additional sweeteners.

Just keep in mind to count the fruit you add to your smoothies as part of your daily fruit intake, so you do not consume too many carbohydrates. If you consume too much sugar, even natural sugar might raise your blood sugar levels.

What is a diabetic smoothie?

Delicious, simple smoothie recipes that are low in carbohydrates and free of added sugar are included in this collection of diabetic-friendly smoothies. If they are a good source of fiber and protein, bonus points are awarded.

Here are 6 diabetes-friendly smoothie ideas to get you started.


I cannot decide whether to use fresh or frozen strawberries for this recipe, so I go with what’s available. In contrast to frozen strawberries, which have a thicker (nearly slush-ice) consistency, fresh strawberries have a richer flavor. Amazing flavors can be found in both.

diabetic smoothie

Simply by increasing the smoothie’s creaminess without overpowering the flavor of the banana, you can add a small amount. The strawberries should continue to be the main attraction.

The vitamins and minerals in bananas are also abundant. They are ideal for a shake after working out.

Simply combine the ingredients in a blender, and blend the mixture to make this recipe! Really simple, no?

Here’s the process:

Step 1: Blend all of the ingredients in a blender until well combined (I use my Nutribullet).

Step 2: As needed to get the appropriate consistency, add water to the smoothie. Add as much water as you would like gradually after starting with a small amount.

Step 3: To make the smoothie thicker (almost like slush ice) consistency, serve it over ice or top it with frozen fruit. A wonderful shake for a healthy snack or fueling yourself after exercise may be made in just three easy steps.


Nut butter, yogurt, and avocado are added to this delectable spinach smoothie to give it more creaminess. It is a fantastic way to start your morning with some lush greens.

• 2 tablespoons nut butter of choice
• ½ cup plain Greek yogurt
• ½ avocado (pitted)
• ¼ cup milk (or almond milk)
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 2 cups fresh spinach
• a few drops of sweetener (to taste)
• 1 cup ice


i. The blender should be filled with all the ingredients minus the ice. Mix until emulsified.
ii. When the ice is mostly pulverized, add it and pulse one more. The mixture should be smooth and creamy after blending.
iii. A blueberry smoothie that is vegan (Low-Carb, High-Protein)
iv. Rich, creamy, and loaded with antioxidants is this simple vegan blueberry smoothie!
v. Use it to chill off after a workout or as a delectable afternoon snack.

Only 5 ingredients are required for this dish.

• 14 oz. canned unsweetened coconut milk
• 1 /2 cup unsweetened almond milk
• 1/2 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)
• 4 tablespoon pea protein powder
• 1 /2 teaspoon vanilla extract


i. A high-speed blender should be filled with blueberries, almond milk, pea protein powder, and vanilla.
ii. If you want a thicker smoothie, add the coconut milk gradually.
iii. Until the smoothie has colored a light purple and all the ingredients are thoroughly combined, blend on high.


A fantastic source of protein and good fats is this low-carb green smoothie. It becomes incredibly creamy thanks to the avocado and almond butter, and the spinach ups the nutritional value.

• 1 tablespoon almond butter
• ¼ cup protein powder (I used lsopure Vanilla)
• A few drops of Stevia sweetener
• 1 cup almond milk (unsweetened)
• 2 cups spinach
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• ½ cup frozen avocado
• 1 cup ice cubes

i. Except for the ice cubes, place all of the ingredients in the blender.
ii. Blend until completely smooth.
iii. Once the ice cubes have been added, reprocess the mixture in the mixer until it is perfectly smooth.

Notes: This recipe yields two smoothies.


Rich, creamy, and loaded with a killer combination of nutritious, mouthwatering ingredients, this simple chocolate avocado smoothie with coconut milk is a must-try! Additionally, it is vegan, low-carb, and gluten-free.

diabetes smoothie recipe

• 1 /2 ripe avocado
• 3 tablespoon cocoa powder
• 1 cup full-fat coconut milk
• 1 /2 cup water
• 1 teaspoon lime juice
• pinch mineral salt
• 6-7 drops liquid Stevia
• Fresh mint (for decoration)


i. In a blender, combine all the components.
ii. Blend at a high speed until the mixture is smooth and creamy. To taste, add additional liquid Stevia if required.
iii. If preferred, garnish with fresh mint before serving.

Notes: A chocolate avocado smoothie can be made using this recipe for two serves.


It only takes a few minutes to prepare this low-carb watermelon, mint, and lime smoothie, which is wonderfully cooling.

• 2 cups watermelon (cubed and chilled)
• 1 lime (juiced)
• 5 drops stevia liquid (or to taste)
• ½ cup soy milk
• 5-10 fresh mint leaves (to taste)
• 3 cups ice

1. Blend the watermelon, lime juice, stevia, soy milk, and mint in a blender.
2. Blend until absolutely smooth.
3. Ice should be added.
4. Serve the smoothie right after pulsing to include it.

Notes: This watermelon smoothie recipe makes enough for 4 servings. One cup is the size of each serving.


This smoothie that tastes exactly like a cinnamon roll is nutritious, tasty, and wonderful.

• 1 cup almond milk
• 2 tablespoons vanilla protein powder
• 1 /2 teaspoon cinnamon
• 1 /4 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 2 teaspoons Stevia sweetener
• 1 teaspoon flax meal
• 1 cup ice


Add the ice last after adding all ingredients to the blender. Until well combined and thickened, mix on high for 30 seconds.


What smoothie is best for diabetics?

• Low-carb Smoothies for Diabetics
• Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie.
• Vegan Blueberry Smoothies.
• Low-carb Smoothie Bowl with Berries.
• Green Keto Smoothie with Avocado and Peanut Butter.
• Chocolate Avocado Smoothie.
• Strawberry Basil Smoothie.
• Key Lime Pie Protein Shake Smoothie.
• Cinnamon Roll Smoothie.

smoothie for diabetics recipe

I sincerely hope you take pleasure in these tasty low-carb smoothie recipes as much as I do. Please share your thoughts about these diabetic-friendly low-carb smoothie recipes in the comments if you have tried any of them.

Are smoothies good for diabetics?

Smoothies can be a useful addition to a diabetes diet if they contain fiber, protein, and healthy fat. People with diabetes should steer clear of smoothies made entirely of fruit and be careful about how many carbohydrates they consume in each smoothie since this will have an immediate impact on their blood sugar levels.

Is a banana smoothie OK for diabetics?

Bananas are a good example of a fruit that is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Even if you have diabetes, bananas can still be a part of your diet.

Will a smoothie spike my blood sugar?

Even though a smoothie is packed to the brim with nutritious nutrients, if the servings are too big or the ingredient ratios are off, the blood sugar levels may surge.

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